The Mavi Marmara Case
The Mavi Marmara Case
This report provides summary information relevant to the legal struggle against the armed attack conducted by the Israeli military forces on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, an aid organization representing the common conscience of humanity.

The Gaza Freedom Flotilla, comprising the ships Mavi Marmara, Sfendoni, Challenger I, Eleftheri
Mesogios, Gazze I and Defne-Y and carrying only humanitarian volunteers and humanitarian
aid, which set sail to bring essential humanitarian supplies to Gaza, faced an armed attack and
unlawful intervention from the Israeli military forces on 31st May 2010. An actual armed attack was
launched against the foregoing ships. Nine humanitarian aid volunteers lost their lives during
the attack and in the aftermath, while 156 volunteers were wounded, with 52 of them seriously.
The Flotilla participants were imprisoned without any legal grounds, the wounded activists were
handcuffed, a number of wounded activists were held in solitary confinement cells for days and
subjected to torture and ill-treatment. Additionally, many tortuous acts were committed, such as
confiscating the personal belongings of the Flotilla participants and damaging the vessels.
Various attempts through natural and legal persons have been made to put both national and
international relevant legal authorities into action following the event. In this context, several
investigations at the UN Human Rights Council and lawsuits with the International Criminal
Court and countries exercising universal jurisdiction including Turkey (Belgium, Spain, Italy and
South Africa) were initiated.

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