Cevdet Kılıçlar

Some of the fields in the form of communication can help participants fill out the fleet, "though I do business," he filled the most recent.  He said ı can do although for the sake of humanity what ı do and set out. Cevdet Swords was working as a humanitarian aid worker in the press room Mavi Marmara ship to remove the blockade and to take humanitarian aid to Gaza. The Israelis were killed by gunfire by a fleet of Freedom. He was born in Kayseri in 1972 Cevdet Swords. Graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Communication. He married with Miss Derya when he was at university who met her in high school years, and has two children their names are Gulhan (15) and Erdem (13). After university, he was a journalist for a long time. He went to Germany for master's degree then he returned to Istanbul again. He worked in the Vakit newspaper for a time. He started to work at İHH in 2008 and went many countries as a volunteer, Cevdet Swords, observed many regions and handed us the photographs. Sword could not joing convoy to Gaza in 2009, despite interest because of the intensity, Swords could able to joined eagerly which was organized to bring humanitarian aid to the Gaza and to remove embargo. The form was held for who joing the fleet that part wanted to fill from passenger the work what can they do, he wrote ı can do whatever work and set out. The time of the Fajr prayer on Monday May 31, 2010 Blue Marmara ship carrying humanitarian aid was martyred   by the Israeli attack on the pirate while taking pictures. Expressed who with him he said "we should not leave empty for the sake of Allah," and ran on to deck. He did not leave the task field, was shot in the forehead while taking pictures. Says Dimitris Greek volunteers Plionis, "Mavi Marmara, despite electronic war, one Turkish volunteer could send imagine with his the last model devices until after half hour of the attack.  He dealed until death to show whole world  Israel's raid that does not recognize rules. 9 volunteers who died aboard the Mavi Marmara, taken from the autopsy table in forensic medicine, but one of 30 lead on corpse could not be understood what that is. Seen so far this one lead dissolving, it entered the middle forehead of journalist Cevdet Kılıclar and didn't pellets dissolved, remained in his head. He is known as a weapon of lead in breaking the door "Shotgun" and were discarded.Name of the bullet, firearms literature, "Bean Bag" or "Bean Pouch" passing. American and Israeli police, in particular, social events using these bullets. Exceeding the damage when hitting the body for weeks, "Bean Bag" and the when hit to the head it is fatal!


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