Çetin Topçuoğlu


Prepared to join the fleet in the form of aid to Palestine, Question  "how much can you support this campaign?" replied typing  "from the ground up our power,"  Areas can help, "the instructor, first aid, sports, the organization as" replid "the question why to want to joing the fleet"  side is to be certain as a sample of ant.

He was born in Adana in 1956. He  began to work as a clerk in  Cuko unity , retired in 1998. he played football as amateur in Adana iron spor. he started  taekwondo in 1973, he became world champion  and received the award several times  in 1992 and 1998 was elected judge of the year. worked The( IHH) Humanitarian Relief Association as a volunteer in Adana. Topçuoğlu actively participates in the work of humanitarian aid, always took the side of the victim and the oppressed. Humanitarian Aid Association of Adana city education, all the studies done on youth culture and youth commission has worked with his wife, Cigdem Topçuoğlu. Discipline, determination and desire to fulfill the task in the best way to describe it was between features. In his speech at the funeral of his brother Cumali Topçuoğlu feelings expressed in these words: "bother to visit these places and did not leave us alone. Welcome our  Wedding, happiness, thanks you for coming here. We remember God's mercy Cetin brother because of makes  our house  house of a martyr, and  martyr's family,  I hope my brother will go the route opened Cetin nice people. I hope it opened their doors to the people of Adana, Turkey will have the opportunity to the people. In 2009, the "On Road to Palestine" in the convoy also Topçuoğlu Cetin, images taken at a meeting here in turn, "I cann’t call the first among those who are sad. But it was a catch in front of us. God helped us. Gods too wanted my brother to go to Gaza. Had turned to God. My wife and I want to go to Gaza again. We have put it this way chief. After death, we are ready at the end of Friends. "He joined the fleet. Topçuoğlu Cetin, "Our route cargo Palestinian Humanitarian Aid," Cigdem Mrs. wife joined the fleet. The last words of his friends to bid farewell was said, "Taekwondo World Champion, and now it's title season I hope hereafter."


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