Cengiz Akyüz

Seen leaving the house every morning said to close friends, "saddle-bag full (the love, joy, hope,) Bismillah, Let's get out and distribute to people ...,"  Cengiz Akyuz, a smiling face is always remembered. Cengiz Aküyüz was born May 15 1969 Midyat in Mardin.He has two daughters and a son. Since his childhood working in the business of gypsum-decoration Akyuz, moving around, jovial, helpful, and is known as a cheerful person. Fleet, which was organized to bring humanitarian aid to Gaza areas can help in the form of participation in "construction work" as stated. Akyuz wanting to do something for homeless people living in Gaza, causing it participated in the convoy in question "for God." He summarized. Everyone rushed to the aid moving, active, Cengiz Akyuz a person, around the dialogue and subtle jokes that distributes happiness to people, who love to swim, play chess and children, best known as a man who agreed. Seen leaving the house every morning to close friends, "saddle-bag full (the love, joy, hope, greetings) Bismillah, Let's get out and distribute to people ..." Akyuz said, smiling face are always remembered. Everyone around the wedding, and a beautiful voice attends the funeral hymns, tunes tells play ego. Genghis's favorite song was martyrdom. Colleagues bid farewell before leaving for Gaza "Now write for me a song of martyrdom." He said. It is next to his friends because of both good and bad days with a very large environment,  Akyuz  in Iskenderun was a member of Association of Humanitarian Aid as a volunteer in many non-governmental organizations also attended the work, when this journey Positions. Genghis want to deliver material to brothers and sisters in Gazze for build the hospital there. His wife's last words before boarding the ship, was "Take care of children, reading, and pay attention their prayers!”

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